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Get to know Allen


My passion for technology started from a young age. I acquired three engineering degrees and worked at Intel developing a new technology of Solid State Drives. After two years of venturing out on my own, I came to see the vision that was nFormat Tech. To me, tech had always been so natural to understand and learn. I saw it as though technology had a natural order to it, a functional purpose of its design. "The natural format of technology" captures this philosophy and the focus of what we do: keep technology in it's most natural form, understandable, recognizable, and usable by all.



Founder of nFormat Tech


Our Values

Love, not work

nFormat Tech was born from passion. We wouldn't exist if it was just a means to an end. We love technology and that drives us to do our best. We love seeing it all come together in the end.


After years of business practice, we've found no substitute for this. Trust comes with transparency and it has always been the most important value in any relationship.


Tech has tremendous power and influence in our lives. It also carries a lot of information about us and it is our utmost responsibility to protect your privacy. We will never share your information for any reason without your explicit consent.


Our word is our bond and we always strive to meet the expectations we set. Mistakes happen and sometimes logistics are beyond what we can predict. We communicate with you every step of the way so you're not left in the dark.


Quality, Quality, Quality. We want you to be raving fans of our service. We're your tech superheros and we want you to be blown away.


No business stands alone and no individual makes the world turn. We believe in contributing our part to the community through giving and volunteering our time. We're a proud part of the community we serve.